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“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck,

and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2

California Legislation Mandates the Protection of Children

The church must be AB 506 compliant effective January 1, 2022 with no grace period.

We help guide you in compliance when you pray for Israel and the Jewish people.

Tackle Children's Ministry Challenges

Demoralized by the scarcity of children's ministry volunteers?  Get 

Daunted by staffing challenges?  Grow

Drained by high turnover in the children's ministry?  Keep 

Dissatisfied with boring and lackluster programming?  Inspire 

Doubt you are ready for a childcare disaster? Prepare 

If we can be honest, many churches scrape for Children's Ministry volunteers,

then let them slog away in thankless isolation.  That's not you.

You vet your volunteers.  You train.  You motivate. You reward. You elevate theology. You invest prayerfully.

You give the highest honor to those who protect and guard your most precious asset - children.

We consider it a deep privilege should you allow us to support this process.

Marble Surface
Marble Surface

You Teach Us To Love God With All Our Minds Through Transforming Scripture

You Teach Us To Love God With All Our Hearts
In Prayer 


You Teach Us To Love God With All Our Strength Serving His Children


You Teach Us To Love God With All Our Soul In
Artful Worship

You enrich our souls to express and enjoy

His multi-faceted Kingdom

Original Prophetic Art

 Biblical Gardens

Bridal Trousseau Trunks

Rich Israeli Cuisine

Jewels for Jerusalem

Kingdom Writing and Publishing

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